T.G.I.Free Music Fridays: COMP’D

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With free streaming music services like Spotify now allowing us to listen to our favorite artists’ new and old material without paying, and while still being assured that the musicians get some pocket change in return for entertaining us, any excuse for album piracy is becoming less and less viable. But what if you’re the kind of virtual pack rat that just has to have your music “physically” downloaded to your hard drive so you can be sure that the size of your dick collection is bigger than that of your friends’? Or someone who wants to be able to listen to your music on-the-go with your phone or iPod, but can’t be bothered to cough up the dough for Spotify’s Premium membership?

Well, we’re here with today’s Friday playlist to tell you that you might wanna reconsider that trip to filestube, because there are tons of bands (who aren’t Radiohead or NIN) that give away downloads of their music completely free of charge!

Most of the groups in our COMP’D playlist this week are of the punk/alt/indie persuasion because those’re the kinda jams I sway awkwardly to, but this just goes to show you that truly free, legally-obtainable music is being put out there by acts you’ll actually want to give the time of day. And hey, if you really like what people are giving out gratis, and you want them to be able to keep doing that thing they do, we whole-heartedly encourage you to donate some money-dollars so they can eat and buy gas and junk!

Links to the websites of the bands featured in the playlist can be found under the embed. Give these rad dudes a listen, download their stuff in celebration of the freedom of information and artistical recreational funtimes, and have a great weekend!

And be sure to tell us some of your favorite free-to-download music in the comments!


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