• escape_from_la_review

    DAILIES: Escape From L.A. (#123 of 2013)

    Jul 9 | 1774 Views | 1 Comment

    Escape From New York is, if you have never had the good fortune of seeing it, an amazing film. John Carpenter had a great run, mostly with Kurt Russell, and it’s one of his best (out of the ones I have seen, my favorite is The Thing). It took fifteen years for a sequel to [&hellip...

  • satellite_sam

    Welcome back to the second edition of our still pretty-darn-new comic book review series, Very Good Condition! We hope our fellow American’s had a grand time this past independence day from shoveling tubular meatstuffs into your faceholes and blowing off  fingers with small explosives for...

  • happy_birthday_tom

    Dailies readers! We’ve got a special treat for you today. These next reviews (which effective constitute movies #119 – 122, for those keeping score) were originally going to premiere as separate articles. But then it was pointed out to editorial that today is the date of birth of one...

  • image_comics_redesign

    Well, I’ll be damned. You guys might remember from, like, a few hours ago when I posted a 3,000 word digital rights nard-rage infused rant about how comiXology’s limited license digital comic books are bad for consumers and the industry alike. You can pretty much consider this post a...

  • andrew_mason_hardly_workin

    “If you’re seeking business wisdom, You don’t need no MBA. Look no further than the beauty, That surrounds us every day.” And with that deftly clever double-negative and deeply resonating platitude, a 33-year old multimillionaire ex-CEO makes himself a star. Guys. You...

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Jul 2 | 2506 Views | No Comments

Junk & Stuff: Aaron Hernandez, Ancient Rome, and Fantasy Football

There are several narratives about the fall of Rome. The rise of Christianity subtly shifted power to the church. The empire was split. The vandals and barbarians...


Friday Playlist: Facepalm

May 24 | 2964 | 0

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Jun 17 | 1411 Views | No Comments

Snowden Leaks Reveal 2009 G20 Representatives’ Communications Were Intercepted

They say “when it rains it pours.” If Edward Snowden is shitty weather for clandestine breaches of privacy, a category 5 hurricane has been rampaging through...


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Jul 9 | 2202 Views | No Comments

Watch Today’s ISS Spacewalk With Cassidy and Parmitano Live

Pictured above: ISA/ESA astronaut Luca Parmitano, Credit: NASA If you’re having a slow, uninspired, space-less Tuesday morning at the office that would otherwise...

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Jul 9 | 2230 Views | No Comments

Camera App From Google Edition Phones Now Available

Google’s been changing its perspective on the future of Android updates lately, releasing the core application packages that make up stock Android into the wild...

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